During the year 2009, Aafex conducted with quality Diagnostics for 52 AAFEX member companies in 9 countries [1].

These diagnoses have led to the development of quality (PAQ) customized Action Plans that define the corrective actions to be taken to improve quality control and the upgrading of enterprises.

In November 2009, the project started the implementation of the QAP

  • 75 AAFEX (out of a total of more than 100) member companies have benefited from the program quality: Burkina Faso (11); Cameroon (11); Côte d’Ivoire (5); Gabon (1); Gambia (2); Ghana (13); Madagascar (13); Mali (8); Niger (1); Senegal (9); Togo (1).
  • 12 countries have benefited directly from the Programme quality of AAFEX or by the accession of new members to AAFEX and through the various seminars and organized training workshops (Programme Africa Food Pack, Trade Promotion, COPHORTI, AFTER..) indirectly.
  • In addition 8 undertaken non-African AAFEX members also benefited from the program quality through our partnership with UEMOA.

Main actions to implement the FSMS (the foodstuffs Safety Management System) in enterprises could be unrolled thanks to teams of professionals and experts mobilized by AAFEX:

  • 1 supervisor (project leader)
  • 1 expert technical quality (the Q program load)
  • 3 international consultants (specializing in quality management and approved by UNIDO)
  • 15 national consultants (specializing in quality management and approved by UEMOA)
  • 16 quality managers (selected by AAFEX)

The State of progress of the programme is summarized as follows

  1. Diagnostic quality and development of quality (PAQ) Action Plan
    60 PAQ has thus been made and 36 are underway for the second half of 2011. Reminder: in every undertaking, before any intervention, the quality expert performs a diagnosis and develop a quality (PAQ) action plan which defines the needs for improvement and actions to be taken.
  2. QR recruitment
    To compensate for the deficiencies in human resources in 16 companies, including at the level of production, the PQ had put at the disposal of each of them a quality Manager. The evaluation of this action carried out in late 2010 by the beneficiary enterprises has shown very positive results in the improvement of the quality of their process and their products.
  3. Coaching Certification
    This is the decisive step of setting up the tools of management and quality control. Thanks support implemented 45 companies have set up repositories base DIO and GMP and are therefore able to consider the HACCP certification in late 2011.
  4. Certification or recertification
    5 companies have obtained the certified organic program quality AAFEX and 36 companies are under organic certification, HACCP.

In addition to the certification of other signs of recognition of the improvement of the quality of the products of the members AAFEX were obtained in Africa (Mali, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar,..), and Europe. It’s awards and decorations (EU, UEMOA, international fairs, etc.) to reward the companies in their efforts.

Other missions of monitoring program quality at the level companies have made Gabon, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Senegal.


[1] These are: Burkina Faso (10 companies); Côte d’Ivoire (4); the Gambia (1); Ghana (5); Mali (7); Senegal (12), Cameroon (10), Benin (2) and Togo (1).