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The annual conference is the main platform for public-private dialogue and high-level advocacy created by the Borderless Alliance to bring together different stakeholders around themes related to trade facilitation and transport, for better economic integration West Africa.

Like the previous editions, Borderless 2016 will bring together dozens of key business and professional organizations of the private sector involved in such diverse fields such as transport and logistics, industry, commerce, finance, etc. , representatives of the RECs (ECOWAS and UEMOA), governments and development partners in the region.

The discussions will be led through the three panels that are:
– Panel 1: Promoting the efficiency of ports in West Africa
– Panel 2: Eliminate barriers to intra-regional trade
– Panel 3: Financing Trade and Transport

AAFEX which will be represented at this conference by Ms MARCOS Bertille Director of AAFEX and President of the Benin-AAFEX section is invited to join the Panel 3 which focuses on “Financing Trade and Transport” to share with the participants , difficulties of access to finance its member companies.

Moreover, the Borderless Conference 2016 will be business opportunities through exhibitions and B2B sessions that will be held there on the sidelines of discussions, with particular emphasis on access to finance actors of transport and trade.

In summary, AAFEX will take this opportunity to:

Share its experience in terms of difficult access to finance for SMEs;
Expand its partnership network at regional and international level;
Bring together the industries of Section AAFEX-Benin on this important topic;
Animate an exhibition stand products and services AAFEX (intra regional trade in particular);
Participate in B2B meetings.
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