Promote the exports of African enterprises of the agricultural and agri-food sectors.

  • Support the upgrading to standards the companies and the development of quality approaches,
  • Accompanying enterprises for the development of a food supply capable of responding in quality and quantity at the request of world markets,
  • Inform members business opportunities and technological developments,
  • Organise promotional and information (workshops, seminars),
  • Organize the participation of African enterprises in fairs target
  • Represent the members of the association with public and private institutions,
  • Engage partnerships with groups and associations pursuing similar goals.

The strategy of action, defined and implemented by AAFEX from its inception, takes place around three main lines of action:

  • Develop and increase in Africa a supply of quality food products to conquer foreign markets, by strengthening the capacities of agribusinesses to export:
    • Upgrade and update the standards for quality;
    • Improvement of knowledge of managers and personal business: management, regulations, standards, certification, procedures, etc.;
    • Support the implementation of methods of work on the equipment and the ability to market, in terms of qualitative, quantitative and regularity of production;
  • Position strongly African food products on the markets of the North and the South by actions to promote:
    • Participation in trade fairs and exhibitions;
    • Organizations of meetings of partnership;
    • Missions to prospect for businessmen;
    • Training and market information;
    • Standby commercial and technology;
  • Develop its own capabilities of organization and proposal to meet the two above mentioned priorities, as well as to advance the interests of its members in the regional and international forums for consultation and negotiations.