Reportage on AAFEX

The report of a 13mn time about the role and impact of AAFEX as a network of SMEs exporting African food (improving the quality of its members, link with agricultural production, promoting African exports of agricultural and food products, …) will better know AAFEX-objectives, activities, results, constraints and challenges, and its member companies. The report […]

AAFEX organizing the pavilion “Taste of Africa”

AAFEX organizes flag “Taste of Africa” AAFEX organizes at SIAL 2016, the National Flag section and Regions of the World and that, for the 8th consecutive year, the Pavilion “Taste of Africa” one collective representation of companies from several countries in Africa. For more information on the supply of AAFEX SIAL 2016 CLICK on the […]


The annual conference is the main platform for public-private dialogue and high-level advocacy created by the Borderless Alliance to bring together different stakeholders around themes related to trade facilitation and transport, for better economic integration West Africa. Like the previous editions, Borderless 2016 will bring together dozens of key business and professional organizations of the […]

best participant trophy given to the AAFEX 2016 SIAM

Best participant trophy awarded to AAFEX SIAM 2016 AAFEX received the award for “Best Participant” in the category “Best Exhibitor” at the International Exhibition of Agriculture in Morocco (SIAM) held in Meknes from April 26 to May 1, 2016. With his experience in organizing the participation of African food companies at trade shows, AAFEX was […]

AAFEX offering a new service to its members

AAFEX offering a new service to its members In order to promote the Watchdog for product quality at critical workstations in food SMEs (steps of receiving and processing and packaging), AAFEX wants to support its member companies to develop certain types of measuring instruments (thermometers, refractometers, moisture, etc.). The purpose of the accompanying AAFEX is […]

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