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AAFEX organizing the pavilion “Taste of Africa”

AAFEX organizing the pavilion “Taste of Africa”

AAFEX organizes flag “Taste of Africa”
AAFEX organizes at SIAL 2016, the National Flag section and Regions of the World and that, for the 8th consecutive year, the Pavilion “Taste of Africa” one collective representation of companies from several countries in Africa.

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YOU ARE … African exporters of all types of food products

YOU WANT … develop your customer portfolio and sales in France and the world in general, identify potential partners and strengthen your presence on the world market

Find opportunities for your products by participating in the Pavilion “Taste of Africa” organized
by AAFEX at SIAL 2016 …

Exhibit on the Pavilion “Taste of Africa” at SIAL is:
Participate in one of the biggest shows in the food and be among the key players in the food supply;
Meet the biggest retail chains and buyers in the sector live;
Find markets for your products;
Meet your partners to develop exports;
Strengthen awareness of your products, your portfolio and your business;
Assessing competitiveness and a better knowledge of the global food market.
The advantages Pavilion “Taste of Africa”

Stands and collective spaces “turnkey” in a visible environment friendly and supportive;
reduced participation costs;
A prime location;
A service provided by the management team of AAFEX before, during and after the show.
I-Stand collective open space + Exhibitor Guide + catalog of exhibitors Pavilion “Taste of Africa” (offer limited to 7 companies)
€ 2,000

€ 4,500
II-Package Promotion exhibitors and visitors outside Pavilion “Taste of Africa”: You want to visit the lounge or expose outside the Pavilion “Taste of Africa” and would benefit from our services, Promotion and Services: Access Badge, mention your business in the catalog of exhibitors pavilion “Taste of Africa”, your flyers and brochures at the reception pavilion, representation in all elements of advertising and mass communication. (Offer limited to 5 companies)
€ 600